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Deliver your project on time with Agile BIM

A morning to understand everything about agile bim in the aec industry. Learn how to use it in your projects to improve collaboration in your team

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Are you tired of working at night because of poor organization?

The construction industry is known for its recurring problems: missed deadlines, significant additional cost of construction sites, lack of coordination between the actors... BIM and its collaborative approach is an unmissable opportunity to change work practices. But it is still necessary to set up an effective collaboration. Because without support often the same problems persist:

Lack of coordination

Information loss

Night and weekend work

No time for improvement

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Thanks to the agile

Boost collaboration in your team with agile for architecture

Agile approaches, which have made Tesla so successful as well as Open source projects, are in turn revolutionizing the world of Architecture. Beyond the fashion effect, when they are well used and understood, they are a game-changer, as long as the team truly adheres to Agile values. Thanks to agile approaches, you will be able to:

Determine what is most important

Involve your client more

Work by short iteration

Increase transparency

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Our awesome features

After the training

After the training, we support you so that you implement agile practically on your projects. You will have access to

A video replay

To share with your colleagues and be able to deepen the points

Two hours of coaching *

To help you implement agile in your agency * Available only for platinum package

Access to a slack

To interact with other students and coaches

A discount on

50% discount to use the Agile Bricks app

What you will learn in this training

An introduction to agile approaches followed by a practical workshop

Agile approaches

- History of agility - Agile values - Agile methodological frameworks

Building an Agile Team

- Strengthens team bonds - Promotes a sustainable working time - Make your organization more transversal

Strengthen collaboration

- List team points - Prepare the next iterations - Dialogue with your client - Focus on user value

Limiter et accepter l’incertitude

- Importance of starting with the right information - Limit the unkonw - How to pivot - How to change quickly

Examples of agile with BIM

- Scrum for BIM coordination - Integration of Agile with ISO 19650 - An design office in small Agile teams

Practical workshops

- Discover agile through practice - Teamwork - Design a building in agile

Agile BIM training

Become an agile pioneer for BIM and construction!

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